Oh, well that was fast. KLM has removed "the dark continent" from their site: "Commonly used" by who???? We're glad @KLM have changed their description of Africa as "the dark continent". Apparently we misinterpreted it as racist BS. — Africa is a Country (@AfricasaCountry) October 18, 2013 @AfricasaCountry @KLM Glad it changed, but commonly used? … Continue reading KLM &You: UPDATE!

KLM &You: Conquering the Dark Continent Since 2013

Thanks to Africa is a Country and Serginho Roosblad for this hat-tip. I feel like I'm in a time warp. @KLM suffers from #colonialmentality by calling #Africa 'The Dark Continent' - http://t.co/3XF2yiqvYM — Serginho Roosblad (@SRoosblad) October 18, 2013 What is this? KLM's latest marketing campaign for their flight destinations in the African continent. You … Continue reading KLM &You: Conquering the Dark Continent Since 2013