Morning Reads: self-determination, mining murders & AFRICOM/Congo training

"Africa Must Stop the West" by Stephen Odoi-Larbi The First Deputy Speaker of Ghana's Parliament, Ebo Barton-Odro, has told the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) that the time had come for Africa to act swiftly to stop the West from dictating to the continent, when it comes to legal matters that have international character. "Chinese Kill Two … Continue reading Morning Reads: self-determination, mining murders & AFRICOM/Congo training

Capacity to transform society

I'm looking forward to seeing Randall McGuire speak this weekend at the Public Anthropology Conference. We're currently reading Archaeology as Political Action, in which he lays out three goals of a "Marxist radical praxis," which provide a good outline for anyone interested in change-making: A Marxist radical praxis necessarily involves three goals to know the … Continue reading Capacity to transform society


Last week, my Foundations of Anthropology professor opened with this quote: "Each anthropologist must reinvent [anthropology], as a general field, for him or herself, following personal interest and talent where best they may lead." - Dell Hymes, Reinventing Anthropology Hyme's insight encouraged me to be creative, different, and not hold myself to others' standards. And … Continue reading Reinventing