Call for Papers: Political Ecology and the New Green Revolution in Africa (AAG 2020)

CALL FOR PAPERS Political Ecology and the New Green Revolution in Africa Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers Denver, Colorado April 6-10, 2020 Deadline for abstracts: October 18, 2019   Organizers:  Jessie Luna, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University Joeva Rock, International Studies Department, University of San Francisco Brian Dowd-Uribe, International Studies Department, … Continue reading Call for Papers: Political Ecology and the New Green Revolution in Africa (AAG 2020)

Call for Papers: Drone Ecologies (Ghana Studies Assoc. 2019)

Call for Papers Drone Ecologies ** Ghana Studies Association Triennial Conference July 10-13, 2019 University of Ghana This panel explores critical ecologies and technologies in Ghana. The recent controversy over the government of Ghana’s partnership with Zipline International to supply blood via drone service reveals important tensions between the state, technology and public services. Drones, … Continue reading Call for Papers: Drone Ecologies (Ghana Studies Assoc. 2019)

“The land is dead:” Fertilizers and Compost in the Upper East

"The land is dead," said 61 year-old Isaiah, killed by an "addiction" to chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers were introduced to his community a few decades back by "the white man" and his church, who, he said with a bite of humor, preached the “goodness of the fertilizers." "It was very harmonious,” he noted, and with mischief … Continue reading “The land is dead:” Fertilizers and Compost in the Upper East

No One Seems Concerned

I was recently telling a friend about our brave, tiny outdoor cats who run up trees and sneak out the bamboo fence, and how no one seemed concerned about their wanderings. My friend remarked that "no one seems concerned" would be a good title for a blog about cross cultural communication (her field). Or anthropology, I … Continue reading No One Seems Concerned

“Our definition of the middle class… has to do with the ability to mask poverty:” Aesthetics, Statistics, and the Debate Around Ghana’s Middle Class

Some brief thoughts on Ghana’s elusive middle class

Sossah's Ravings

Guest Blogger: Joeva Rock

Recent conversations around Ghana’s growing middle class have elicited excitement, despite the lack of agreement over a definition of what makes the group. For a country with socialist roots, the emergence (or perception) of a class system is at times controversial. While there is no doubt that class stratification persists in Ghana, a serious inquiry must be made into the question, does a class system actually exist?

Africa Rising?

An Africa Rising narrative has been emanating from Western and African investors who claim that sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is the next frontier for economic investment and business. This new hype is largely attributed to a 2010 McKinsey Global Institute report which touted Africa ripe for new investment opportunities and high rates of return (McKinsey Global Institute 2010; Pitcher 2012: 163). Part of the Africa Rising allure is growing consumption capability and power across the continent, which analysts claim…

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#Obama in #Senegal and #SA: As Seen Through Twitter [#obamatakh]

#Senegalese creative twitters launch hash tag #obamatakh (wolof word for all this because of Obama) to voice their views on #Obama's visit — Khaita Sylla (@KhaitaSylla) June 25, 2013 Mbaye Ndiaye -Obama visit will cause losses of several million dollars esp to the informal sector who will take months to recover #obamatakh — Abdul Tejan-Cole … Continue reading #Obama in #Senegal and #SA: As Seen Through Twitter [#obamatakh]

Obama in Africa: Talking Points?

The Obamas will soon be on their $60mil tour de afrique which means the US media might actually take a rare pause to talk about Africa in ways that won’t necessarily entail war, famine and AIDS. While we can’t expect the major news outlets to let go of the American insistence that Africa is a … Continue reading Obama in Africa: Talking Points?

Education as Underdevelopment

“It was not an educational system designed to give young people confidence and pride as members of African societies, but one which sought to instill a sense of deference towards all that was European and capitalist….. the racism and cultural boastfulness harbored by capitalism were also included in the package of colonial education. Colonial schooling … Continue reading Education as Underdevelopment