2018 in Review

It’s December, which means I’ve hit the year anniversary of my defense (wow!) and 2019 is near. I’ve been reflecting on work done the past year – not because productivity is the goal – but because I, like many others, constantly fall into the trap of feeling underproductive and therefore overlooking actual accomplishments. So, I … Continue reading 2018 in Review

KLM &You: Conquering the Dark Continent Since 2013

Thanks to Africa is a Country and Serginho Roosblad for this hat-tip. I feel like I'm in a time warp. @KLM suffers from #colonialmentality by calling #Africa 'The Dark Continent' - http://t.co/3XF2yiqvYM — Serginho Roosblad (@SRoosblad) October 18, 2013 What is this? KLM's latest marketing campaign for their flight destinations in the African continent. You … Continue reading KLM &You: Conquering the Dark Continent Since 2013

Why are we still talking about Bono?

If an article starts with Bono, I'm inclined not to listen. I'm not sure why celebrities continue to hold the spotlight in being experts on poverty or development. This morning I read an article by Bright Simmons of Ghana thinktank Imani, and Jammie Drummond of One.org entitled Africa: The Rise and the Rise of the … Continue reading Why are we still talking about Bono?

The People’s Bailout

Welcome to Strike Debt's newest project, the Rolling Jubilee: A bailout of the people by the people. We buy debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, we abolish it. We cannot buy specific individuals' debt - instead, we help liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, … Continue reading The People’s Bailout