Making “the case for colonialism” in Ghanaian social studies textbooks

By using "The Case for Colonialism" as a point of departure to discuss Ghanaian school curriculum, my intention is not to overlook the very real problematics of the article, nor to suggest that Gilley's argument is exceptional (it is not). Rather, I believe the quick lining up of for/against overlooks the need to interrogate the very real ways in which colonial legacies exist within, and mark, every day life.

Universities profit off of student loans: unfortunately not new news

Today the Huffington Post is reporting that universities are profiting off of Sallie Mae, a large student loan provider, through direct endowment investments. As horrible as this is, its not news that universities profit from their students massive debt. A few months ago I published a paper on how the University of California uses student … Continue reading Universities profit off of student loans: unfortunately not new news

Education as Underdevelopment

“It was not an educational system designed to give young people confidence and pride as members of African societies, but one which sought to instill a sense of deference towards all that was European and capitalist….. the racism and cultural boastfulness harbored by capitalism were also included in the package of colonial education. Colonial schooling … Continue reading Education as Underdevelopment